As with many startups, Pitchdrive was born out of personal frustration.

Founder of Pitchdrive, Thomas Wilkinson, states that after being involved on both sides of the table while raising rounds the old fashioned way, a team was drawn together and united through a common goal:

''There must be a simpler, faster and fairer way to do early stage startup fundraising.''

To accomplish achieving this common goal, the two parties involved in early stage startup fundraising should be united, which are the following:

  • Experienced and enthusiastic investors out there who want to be a part of early stage, fast growing companies with big ambitions.

  • Exciting startups being built by smart people with an action-first mindset which could rapidly accelerate through funding.

Pitchdrive's mission is build upon uniting these two parties, removing any friction between them and making funding rounds happen in the simplest, fasters and fairest way possible.

Thus in short, Pitchdrive redefines the way early-stage businesses take off by advancing the process of data-driven analysis of early stage startups. With their expertise in entrepreneurship, they provide a unique and scalable service for both founders and investors.

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