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In this form we want to learn all about the team behind the startup.

It’s all about people and the skills you need. This includes the founders, the team you hire as well as the people that give you advice.

Which people you choose is one of the most impactful choices you make when starting a company, for first-time entrepreneurs this is even more so. The relationship between co-founders can break an otherwise great startup.

For this reason, we’re requesting more information about expertise, experience but also personality - because some personalities are more compatible in business then others - to ensure higher potential success rates.

📌 Important:

  • For each founder profile - remember to add years of experience to a topic when asked, otherwise the form isn't complete.

  • When entering the the personality of each founder, you have to select one in trait in each column. For example: Extroverts-Sensors-Feelers-Judgers.

In addition to the team, we would also like to know if and from whom you receive entrepreneurial advice, as your advisors have a major influence on your business choices.

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