🚀 Congratulations, you've come to the second to last form! Here we look at all the formal and legal aspects of the Start-Up.

In this phase we want to know all about the Start-up we are working with. By filling in this form accurately, you can add strength to your application and we will come closer to working together.

Many legal aspects have a fundamental impact on the Start-up’s operation and assessment of their feasibility. For this reason, we’re requesting information about: your registration, whether you’re an incorporated business, your legal form and more.

This information allows us to dive deep into matters concerning the organisation form and legal structure, which will give us the opportunity to get to know the Start-up from close-by and full fill our due diligence obligations.

The information will also help us to draft the contracts and other documents for further negotiations and avoid legal problems during the final stages of your application with us.

We also ask you to upload the Start-up’s current CAP table, which is a table showing all ownership of shares in the company, if there are other investors involved, their invested amount and the number of shares each shareholder holds. This will give us an insight into who is supporting your business.

You can add additional strength to your application by attaching certain documents that make your Start-up look more appealing. For example your Memorandum of Incorporation (which is a document that sets out the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all directors, shareholders and others within a company are defined), a writing by a big player on the market expressing their trust in your Start-up, or great reviews by your current customers.

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